Lord I’m gonna love you
YesI’m gonna love you.
OhI’m gonna love you lordwith all that’s in my heart.
Lord I’m gonna trust you
YesI’m gonna trust you.
How I’m gonna trust you lordwith all that’s in my soul.
Lord I’m gonna thank you
YesI’m gonna thank you.
How I’m gonna thank you lordwith every thought of mine.
Lord I’m gonna praise you
YesI’m gonna praise you.
YesI’m gonna praise you lordwith all my strength and might.
Lord I’m gonna followfollow you.
YesI’m gonna followfollow you.
LordI’m gonna follow youwith all my strength and might
With all that’s in my heart and all that’s in my soul.
LordI’m gonna trust youlord I’m gonna trust you.
LordI’m gonna love youlord I’m gonna love you.
LordI’m gonna followfollow you.

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