From: [email protected] (PorkPiHat)

by Keb' Mo'

**This is my first attempt at posting a song, also my first try at tab
using keyboard characters. Sorry, I don't know the names of all the
chords, and some of the names I think I know could be wrong. See list of
chords at end for explanation of fingering (which I'm pretty sure is
right.) Anybody with corrections, or proper names of chords, feel free to
jump right in!**

G Am7 G Am7

G Bm7 C G
None of my business, getting all of my concern
Bm7 C G
Tried to put out the fire, but the flame still burns
D/F# Em Bm7
And as she pleases she comes and goes
She's got the wind in her hair
Em Bm7
She never ceases to hurt me so
Does she really care?
Is she ever coming home?
Is she ever gonna phone?
D7sus D7
Another night alone...

G Am7 B? C
Has anybody seen my girl?
G Am7 B? Cm7
Has anybody seen my woman?
C? B? Am7 G
California, Tennessee
C? B? D7sus D7
Send my baby home to me

G Am7 G Am7

Where am I going, oh what am I gonna do?
I know I'm not crazy, I'm just hooked on you
So go on and use me endlessly
Could you let me know
When you need me hold me close
And baby don't let go
Are you ever coming home?
Are you ever gonna phone?
Another night alone...

Has anybody seen my girl?
Has anybody seen my woman?
California, Tennessee
Send my baby home to me
(repeat chorus)




CHORDS (low to high):

G 320003
Am7 X03020
Bm7 X24232
C X32010
D/F# 2X023X
Em 022000
Bb/C 8X876X
G#/Bb 6X654X
Cm/A X0554X
D7sus XX0213
D7 XX0212
B? X20030
Cm7 X35343
C? X32030

-Cal Leake
Scottsdale, AZ
[email protected]
[email protected]

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