well he looks at me with those innocent eyes,
and says it looks like your wearin some kinda disguise,
becuz your hair sticks up,
your shoes are untied,
i hope that you got that shirt at half price,
and every word i say falls flat on the floor,
i try to tell a joke,
hes heard it before,
and i dont think i can take no more
its driving me rite out my front door

why do you do what you do to me baby?
shaking my confidence,
driving me crazy,
you know if i could,
id do anything for you,
please dont ignore me,
cuz you know i adore you
cant you just pretend to be nice,
could you atleast pretend to be nice,
if you could just pretend to be nice,
everything in my life would be alrite!

and i try so hard just to figure him out,
but he wont tell me what hes been thinkin about,
and then he falls asleep on the living room couch,
with sun glasses on and his tongue hangin out,
then he disappears for a week at a time,
then he shows up just like everythings fine,
i dont get what goes on in his mind,
and im tired of hearing the same stupid line,



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