I'm sorry...
Du du du du

How many times do I have to say
I didn't mean the things I said
I'm sorry for the way that I
Was messing with your head...
I always seemed to put you down
But I didn't understand
I needed time to find my mind
And learn to be a man...
Can't you see that I am trying?
Can't you see that I...

Was misunderstood
If only I could
Make you believe that I'm the one
I told you before,
But you chose to ignore,
So I'm telling you now,
I'm gonna prove my love to you...

How many reasons did I give
When I let you down?
Once too many,
But not enough to keep my feet on the ground...
I know I'm not the thinking kind,
And words don't come easy,
But we've sat right down and thought it through,
And now it's clear to me,
Can't you see that I am crying?
Can't you see that I...

(repeat chorus till fade)

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