Tryina concentrate but it's not working, your
there yeah your such a distraction,
You're so close but so far away,
I wish we could be together,
But you don't notice I'm there,
Maybe if I told you how I feel but it's not what you'd wanna hear
Somebody else's guy
I'm lovin you inside
Somebody else's guy
Wish I wasn't so damn shy
I hang out just to hear you talk,
Pretend I'm not looking as you walk past,
See you laughing with your friends,
Makes me jealous cause you're taken,
We met but we don't talk,
You don't even say hello anymore,
I know we could be good friends,
But there's too many things keeping us apart
Somebody else's guy
Wish you didn't love her
Somebody else's guy
I'm casting a hex to make your girlfriend your ex

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