December will be magic again. Take a Husky to the ice while Bing
Crosby sings 'White Christmas' -- he makes you feel nice. December
Will be magic again...Old Saint Nicholas up the chimney, just popping
Up in my memory...Dropping down in my parachute (the white city, she
Looks so beautiful!), up on the black-soot-icicled roofs...Oh! And see
How I fall, see how I fall, like the snow, come to cover the lovers
(Don't you wake them up!), come to sparkle the dark up, come to cover
The muck up with just a touch of make-up (with a little luck). See how
I fall...
December will be magic again. Light up the candlelights to
Conjure Mr. Wilde into the silent night. (Ooh! It's quiet inside, here
In Oscar's mind!) December will be magic again. Don't miss the
Brightest star, kiss under mistletoe...I want to hear you laugh --
Don't let the mystery go now!
December will be magic again...

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