From the past clashes the storms
Ascend Oh! Ancient One
Incarnated yourself
In darkness
Dreams to escape
Your pending rebirth
On our lands
That you slowly take possession
Blinded mortal servants
Havoc messengers
Sent to abobinate
Undertaking our earth
An evil race will reign
Ought to be slain
Repulsing their lives
You control their fear
They shouldn't be drowned
Bowel is their depths
Of their bloody hearts
We must unify
To restore man's life
To unblind their souls
Reviving one's Faith
Without dependence or Destroyer
Souls of the Earth
He wants Us
They need Us
To succeed
Your ideal Master established
His covenant within your powers...
Exhaust Souls
Intented to be against each of you
Now among, with the other Side...
The Unholy forsake the realm of the demons
Waiting for revenge
Please help mankind
our gate connects to the outside worlds
Engraved It is... with powerful Arcane symbols
Guarded by faith
Lies the lords entrance of ascension
The Zonei forces protect the key
That has been sealed by Marduk and his allies
He who captured the Ancient Ones
With His father
Enki our God
Ruler of the Elder Gods
We were created by His breath
And the blood of the slain
Evil defeated Kingu
Imprisonned in their lost domain
Why break the seven seals?
That vanquished the lords of hell
And blaspheme the death of your lives
Because... Their achievements are clear
Vision the Chaos
(Human Vision)
(Demons Vision)
Destruction of nature
Oppression in rapture
Confusion of the terrains
Transition of demons
Fear in souls
Near my goals
Chaos and hunger
Fiends of terror
Pleasure of pain
Seizure and reign
Wrath and anger
Regain power
Cessation of the mortals
Termination of the mortals
Possession by the false master
Obsession by the true master
Perilous downfall
Infamous of all
Decline of civilization
The sign of annihilation
Upcoming devastation
Impending demolition
Maryr, torture, surrounds us near
Tha Cataclysm
Cycle of our lives interrupted
Invasion of our earth
Demons are what they are
From the Ancient eternal past
And We from the Elder Gods
Must keep our faith
To rebel in belief
Soerupt the feelings
Of your lonely hearts
Before it is too late
Vision broke the Chaos

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