(Chapter 3 - Reborn Through Death)
Marching corpse to rise, I must fulfill my new destiny, crawlwalking

From my suicide.
As I penetrate the exit of my home, my mother had a nervous

Breakdown and fell into a coma.
Outside my domain, I discover, that my dreaming abilities were my

Undead powers.
Casting a spell of no return, at the forgotten Isle, where lies the

Forbidden shrine.
Out of my tornado field near the sacred shrine, I climb the steps of

Each step inflicts me terrible pain, decomposition of my soul as my

Innard organs rot away.
Flesh falling part by part, dematerialization.
In front of the pedestal, I open the golden book and some of my

Fingers fall off.
A bright radiance illuminated from the book, this gleam dissolves my

The pus flows on my cheeks, at this moment a voice says...
What are thine purpose?, as I answer one of my arms breaks into

I am here...I want to repent myself, from my will of death
Art thou sure?....YES!, then read aloud what is written.
I can't, my eyes...I must concentrate...I see the chant of life, the

Mantra to reborn
Now I can hear thousands of lamenting damians around the sacred

Waiting for my soul to fall, my body cracks in two.
I keep my faith8Ctill the end of the beginning.
As my torso of vomiting worms dies.
My brain explodes...my body is thrown in...
I'm alive...free to REBORN!

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