From: [email protected] (Kristian Wichmann)
Subject: "The Story Of Jamie Fame Flame" by Kashmir.
Date: Mon, 08 Jan 96 15:32:03 +0100
The Story Of Jamie Fame Flame
(also known as 'Everybody Knows My Name')
by Kashmir
from the album Travelogue
Intro & chorus:
E5 D/F# G5 B5 D5 E5
(The little octave slide lick is a fill I've heard
thrown in quite a few times live. But don't
overdo it for God's sake...)
Verse: (listen to record for accurate rhythm!)
E5 A5 G5 E5
(There's probably some variations on that. Feel free!)
As for the solo and middle section I really don't know. Except live
there's a really cool jazzy clean part in the middle. It has
a '3/8 against 4/4'-feel which may take a little time to
get into for the unintiated...
E9 F9
If you've ever seen the band live you should have fun
dancing around to that one...
There's no guitar playing during the third verse...
And now for something completely and utterly silly: The Lyrics (rap style)
1st Verse:
Well I was sitting in my limousine drinking champagne,
when this little girl knocked on my door
She was a'crying for my money so I told her: "Little honey,
I haven't got enough. I need more!"
But anyway I asked her to sit on my seat,
so I could mingle off her clothes and feel her heart beat
1st Chorus:
Everybody knows my name.
Everybody wants my fame.
There's nobody I can blame.
Jamie Fame Flame, that's my name. (Huh!)
2nd Verse:
The next day in the paper I read about a raper,
and a picture that was supposed to be me.
When I didn't seem to care, and was walking down the stairs,
there was a crowd that were shouting on me;
They were jumping on my pictures, burning all my record,
closing down the fanclub, turning over my car!
So then I realized that they all were hypnotized,
and that I was no longer a star!
2nd Chorus:
Everybody hates my name
Maybe I should do the same
There's just one man I can blame
Jamie Fame Flame, that's my name
3rd Verse:
So when I woke up in the morning in the middle of a desert,
I found myself alone without clothes
I was a'freezin', I was yawning but I met this little wizard,
and he taught me how to sing with my nose:
(Sing through you nose!!!:)
We sang a lot of songs of what is right and what is wrong,
I felt like if a was I a haze.
Then he took me to a cave where an elder woman sat
That was the place where I was ending my days!
3rd Chorus:
Everybody knew my name
Everybody wanted my fame
There's just one man I could blame
Jamie Fame Flame was my name
(This is done from memory so there might be a few errors. Please correct me!)
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