Meet me in the dark
And touch me, touch me
Teach me all the things that I'm not to know
I will leave my childhood
The maiden's armor
Just give me the things that I'm not to know

Hold me in your arms and feel me, heal me
I am all desire wrapped up in need
I have just one chance
Then my future's frozen
Touch me with your heart
And make me bleed

There beneath the moonlightSeered within his own sight
With this touch I just might
Be ready for my task
Guardian of all virtue
They would blush
But I do not
Choices are few
For all salvation bought

This I know
It was done
Before my birth
We were one
They would not understand
Lifting up the veil
There is no hope of winning
And no right to fail

Meet me in the dark
And reach me, teach me
Everything I need to understand
And if I cry
Well you have not hurt me
It's all that I must do
For the love of Man

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