Would it be too much
If I just said what I was thinking?
I'm tired of filling the space of days
Translating miles to minutes
It wouldn't take too long
To get to where you are
I'm on my way
I'll see you in a few days (in a few days)
Will you wait up for me?
Will you wait up for me?
She says it's a lack of understanding
That gets us by
We have no choice
We are unaware by choice
So we pretend that we're unaffected
As you smile and say goodbye I realize that
I don't want you to be just another regret
I have enough of them
I'm on my way
Just wait up for me (wait up for me)
I'll ask, "Won't you come with me?"
Running under the cover of night
We'll follow the streetlights
To the 80 west sign
Running through fields
We're cutting ourselves on barbed wire fences
Trying to get out
Of this town through the cold
You can see the blood on our clothes
Our breath in the air
Our hearts are singing out
For someone to hear us
Can't anyone hear us?
Don't stop 'til someone yells, "enough"

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