Intro: [helicopter sound effects]
Verse One:

You 'bout dat paper?
You on top?
You handlin' business?
You doin' swell?
Down with yo' niggaz to da finish?
Are you willin'?
To hit da streetz up and make a killin'?
Are you a villain?
Pushin' a Bentley makin' millions?
Do you do your time?
Without rattin' on your partners?
Do you kill your beef?
With a pistol or a chopper?
Is you da man?
Do you pay all of your bills?
Did you make a plan?
And won't stop 'till it fulfilled?
Can you handle coke?
Can you handle dope?
Ain't afraid to go?
Even though you know?
Look... lil' Daddy...
Do you take care of yo' kids?
Is it clean in yo' crib?
Can't you stand to eat some ribs?
Ain't it scandalous how we live?
You ball with Cash Money?
Do you like Manny track?
Ain't it shive how I rap?
Puttin' New Orleans on the map!
You brush ya teeth?
You on dem hoes?
You got dem Ree[bok]s on ya feet?
With dem Girbauds?

Chorus1: 4X

Then you a SOLJA nigga, put up a solja rag!!!
Put up a soljah rag
Put up a soljah rag

Verse Two:

Now what's happenin' wit' you?
You knockin' dem heads off too?
You do what a playa do?
You fuck in the Rochambeau?
You ain't scared to blast?
When you got dat iron witcha
Do you bust his ass?
You acts a ass?
You got ya ski mask?
And ya solja rag?
You ready to blow a bag?
Can you hustle like it's legal?
Can you avoid da people?
And hotwire your Regal?
You 'bout dat evil?
You on some ignorant shit?
When that hoe get flip
Now can you punish da bitch?
You like dem Beamers?
You like dem Benz 500s?
You like dem Hummers?
You like dem big fine womens?
You a playa ain't ya?
None of these bitch niggaz could fade ya!
The ghetto made ya!

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