[Juvenile Talking]
I'm from da nolia new orleans numbah 1 hustler down south posted with dee money we on da block gangsta til i die cause nigga i keeps a glock on da corner josephine & vl turn pipe of dat nolia 3rd ward soulja my teeth gleaming ya'll young niggaz may not understand me but now heres some words
from my nigga dee money.

[Dee Money Verse 1]
I stay posted on da block with dat pistol in my hand a 9th Ward soulja dirty south clean up man Courtisy of Da N.O. Prosperity of dat jungle
dirty south prince 13 year old slugga busting shots every day da whole n.o's with me da young chopper city nigga straight running dis here and i'm da only nigga dat gon run it til i die man i know i ain't da greatest mayne i can't even lie run up on a N.O. soulja til i die nigga take a deep breath nigga i'm still igsarted i then ran though ya block dat u niggaz can't breathe nigga.

[Juvenile Chorus]
i'm a n.o. soulja reppin dat nolia nigga you ain't seen a n.o. soulja
from dat nolia i'm a n.o. soulja

[Dee Money Verse 2]
Nigga it's me again i'm fresh 2 death leave da block smokin have ya breathing ya last breath stay posted on da block keeps a pistol in my hand
betcha can't do it like cause it's a one night stand me and my nigga juvie
stay posted on da corner we keeps a gat shootin bullets faster than kurt warner or more like payton manning dirty nigga dis dee money ya understand.

Juvenile Chorus

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