Jesus Hitler
Adolf Christ
Is this the second coming?
Or the fourth Reich?

His mother a nun raped by a nazi
Near the end of the second great war
Gave birth to a son who could change the future
For better or worse he`s not sure
I am what should never have been
The ultimate abomination
Have I returned to save the Jews
Or to destroy them?

Hear thee my fellow nazolics
Come join yhe Neotheofacists
Keep the race pure practice eugenics
And swear to the holy swazafix

I have returned

Reich and Roll!

Hess to my left and Peter on my right
Will it be a war or peace
Totalitarian on his throne of blood
Commands both man and beast
A pair of souls trapped in the body of one
Both prisoners of reincarnation
Torn between good and evil
I have returned for salvae-elimination

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