She looks back in the distance
Sees him standin' there
Feels the resistance
She's painfully aware
She can't go back

He looks over the distance
Sees her on her way
Feels the resistance
Knows she wants to stay
She can't go back

It's not a question of love
It's not a matter of time
When you've been there and back
It can not be denied

He knows he can't follow
Feels he must lead
Sees what she's askin'
Does not want to bleed
She can't go back

When you know what you know
What you've seen you can't hide
Not to lead or to follow
But side by side

They are strangely connected
They have been here before
A love resurrected
Deep to the core
They can't go back
No, no, no they can't go back
Well I know that she wants to
But she can't go back
But she can't go back

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