He said "Baby listen to me,
I got somethin' to say"
Said it on a Sunday
Callin' from far away

He said "There's somethin' that I gotta do,
And none of it includes you,
So Baby listen to me,
I got something to say."

He said "l met her on a Tuesday not so long ago
I didn't think much of it then, but now I'm needin' to know,
There's somewhere that we've got to meet
Down near Forty-second street,
Oh Baby listen to me, I gotta go."

He said "Baby listen to me."
As I began to cry,
"We're just not made of the same stuff,
You and I.
But I think I felt it startin' to click
The moment I laid eyes on that chick
Now Baby listen to me
This will be good bye."

I wanna think of somethin' clever to say
You know I hate it when words fail me this way
I wanted to sound so polite
But it all just came out trite
I said ''Baby listen to me, can't you please just stay?"

He said "Baby listen to me, you'll find somebody new.
Somebody who'll be so much better for you
You know we never really got along
Always fightin' bout what's right and what's wrong
So Baby listen to me, I will always love you,
Baby listen to me, 1 will always love you."
He said, "Baby listen to me, I, I will always love you"

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