(feat. Bezel)

[Intro: Juelz Santana]
Huh, okay, put the kids to bed
Put 'em to bed now
I said put 'em to bed now!
Do it!
Yeah, yeah
It's goin' down
DipSet, bitch
Juelz Santana

Grip to it, kick to it
Fuck that, spit to it
Sorry people, party people
This ain't kids' music
This is violence (violence, violence)
This is violence (violence)

[Verse 1: Juelz Santana]
The champ is back (yup)
This is my anthem track (yup)
This wasn't made for to dance or for your hands to clap
(This that)
Gutter, gutter motherfucker AYE
(This that)
Get your knife, time to gut a motherfucker AYE
They hand you the snub
Dismantle your mug
A headshot have it looking like you shampoo with blood(damn)
The vandalous thugs
The scandalous thugs
Will go to your block, piss on the spot where your candle's put up
This ain't no damn push music
Or no hand mush music
This ain't party time it's army time
Ambush music
This that cripple fly, kill a guy, full blown gorilla-fied
Don't go in the club if you can't get your clip inside (music)
This that half a pound, back 'em down, ask around
Nobody say nuttin', cause they know they gon' get gatted down (music)
That pop and squeeze, lots of screams, guess what
Coppers, we ain't never forgot about Rodney King (music)


[Verse 2: Juelz Santana]
Let's get ready to rumble! (yup)
This that gritty, gritty for shizzy y'all (yup)
For shizzy, nizzy, I'll kill a nigga, he piss me off (AY)
Heat him down, keep the pound, see him now, beat him down
I ain't talkin' 'bout a bush when I say he'll get beat around (music)
He ain't actin' right, grab and fight, stab him right
Show dude old school snatches at taxes night
Sip sizzurp, smoke weed, x up, coke, please
Dope fiends, get a load of this new codeine
That music, crack music, peel a nigga cap to it
No reason at all
This music is that stupid (AYE!)
It's the code of silence (no it's)
Spoken silence
Right now I am promoting violence (AYE!)
Why shouldn't I get the vest and spit the thing (AYE!)
When y'all promote cigarettes and nicotine (AYE!)
And y'all hope we stop it
Y'all told me stop it
Y'all the ones that keep promoting violence (AYE!)


[Verse 3: Bezel]
Yea, yea
This the shit that the gangstas love
Stomp out a gang of blood
Squeeze off a gang of slugs
We gotta vacate the club (music)
That's how the gangstas does
Shanking O.J., a thug
Go get your glock, and let it pop
Just like Bacon does (music)
We the few left that does what we do best
This here, get clear
Illegal in the U.S.
I overdosed the injection that leave you posted and deaded
This so gangsta, they can't make a radio edit
This that act correct, cause I ain't got to pack a Tec
I could just snap my hand and have a nigga snap ya neck
This the talk is cheap, so I let the luger speak
Pump the torch, then dump the corpse off in Dawson's Creek
The O.G. killer is back
So if you're living is whack
Come see me, little nigga, I'll give you a gat like
Here, here's a hammer nigga
Here, go hurt a nigga
Here, go jam a nigga
Here, go murk a nigga

[Chorus - 2X]

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