Man, first I just wanna salute my soldiers
Nahmean? We just trying to stay above water
Feel me? I mean I speak for the Gs, the hustlers
They understand me, Nahmsayin?
Lock into this time and lock out (always)
I mean ain't nothing promised to niggaz like us
You know?

[Juelz Santana]
(Just a),
Another day another dollar
(Now look what you got)
Another hater, another plotter
(Shit, you know the drill)
A brother pay, a brother holla
(Watch 'em, they creeping)
Another raid, another copper
(Aw man)
Another case, another lock-up
Another bail, know that cake better pop up
That's just day to day shit we go through
And results of the day to day shifts we go through (you know)
Some niggaz day to day pitch, they local, (and)
Some niggaz day to day bricks, they coastal, (and)
Some niggaz day to day snitch, they vocal
I don't honor them fools
Them type of dudes get they tonsils removed
I speak from the heart of the hood
From the boarded up apartments with wood
From the cracked down crack house (yeah)
To the burnt up black houses
To fiends inside with that burnt up glass out (yeah)
And puffing weed makes my actions switch
I'm at the window, with the pistol, like Malcolm
Ain't that a bitch (damn)
And I'm paranoid, paranoid
But still I got to get it, got to have it, make it happen boy

Now I lay me down to sleep I pray the Lord my soul to keep
If I should die before I wake I pray the Lord my soul to take
And may this song play all the way (yea)
And if it skip a beat, hit repeat
This the realest shit I ever wrote, this is me
And if it skip a beat, hit repeat
This the realest shit I ever wrote, this is me

[Verse 2:Juelz Santana]
(Look now)
Another dead, another born
(Vice versa)
Another here, another gone
(Pay attention)
Another smile, another mourn
Another funeral, another baby shower going on
(Get it, huh)
That's just life in the hood
You earn scars, you earn stripes in the hood
(Huh, get it)
I live the life of a hustler
No sleep all night for a hustler, (buster)
And if your coke weak, cut it with Bo Peep
I swear fiends will chase that high for four week (plus)
I'm still dealing with the day to day basics
Stress, hunger, patience
The day to day basics
(Yep), Shit that we go through, (you know)
Look at the shit that we go through, (you know)
Niggaz come home, can't get jobs
Niggaz getting money, acting like they can't get robbed
(And that don't mix)


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