Behold 'tis the commander
Whose grip controls you all
Resist me not surrender
I'll no compassion call

* (Tyrant) Capture of humanity
(Tyrant) Conqueror of all
(Tyrant) Hedious destructor
(Tyrant) Every man shall fall

Your very lives are held within my fingers
I snap them and you cower down in fear
You spineless things who belly down
to slither to the end of the world
You follow to be near


Mour of us oppressed in fear
Chained and shackled we are bound
Freedom choked in dread we live
Since Tyrant was enthroned

I listen not to sympathy
Whilst ruler of this land
Withdraw your feeble aches and moans
Or suffer smite from this my hand


My legions faithful into death
I'll summon to my court
And as you perish each of you
Shall scream as you are sort


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