1 I move as fast as I can
I like to get around
I'm crazy like a madman
My feet don't touch the ground

2 I move amongst the night life
And they just step aside
'Caus when they see me coming
They know I'm running wild

Said you're a little nothing
But butlers we have all
I take on all comers
They back up or they fall

They raise their hands to stuff me
I laugh and I defy
'Caus what's the point in living
Unless you're living wild


No chains can hold me down
Always break away
There's no use to sell me
Tell me what to do or say

I taste the life that pleases me
I raise the style for all the world to see

I never stumble no more
Never stop for breath
I looked back but I walked home
And I just step aside


I'm running wild
I'm running wild
Get them away, I'm running wild
I'm running wild
You'd be living wild

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