Feeling rockqueers, we're ready to kick
No time to hesitating, my body's aching
Looking for some action, satisfaction
all right
Charging, vain grace, as active as the
hundreds size of proof
Megation, reliving on, we're ready to hit
the room

* You better watch out and hold on tight
We're here and your way like a dynamite
Delivering the goods
Delivering the goods

Shake down, rock them boys,
crack that whip strip me
Want straight, airwaves, find a rather newre
places down
Stealing your hearts all across the land
Hot blood doing good, we're gonna load it
with our friend


Hey your way, stay your way
Oh it's all gonna punches, we aim with the
Laugh until we send it to your brain
If we look before we fell, we knock but more
than yell
Gonna do it again and again
We'll beat you into submission so you might
as well surrender
Do come over and listen, just the angle by
you're hearing the picture

Bust up, ah, 'til the seams that we're gonna
Shoot further, giving more than you're ever
gonna take
Leading your heads crushed down on the floor
Begging for mercy, be careful or I'll do it
some more


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