You've been picked and it's over What's that chip on your shoulder
Outside were solid rainbows Inside is where the heart grows
Picking up the pieces Something more to believe in

As you search the embers Think what you've had Remember
Hang on Don't you let go now You know with every heartbeat We love
Nothing comes easy Hang on Ask the lonely

You've got some fascination With your high expectations
This love is your obsession Your heart Your past possession
Let down your defenses Won't be up to the one who cares


When you're feeling love's unfair You just ask the lonely
When you're lost in deep despair You just ask the lonely




Ask the lonely
When you're down in deep despair When you're down in deep despair
Ask the lone-lone-lone-lone-lone-lone-lonely
Lone-lone-lone-lone-ly--- Lonely

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