when you said yes my life changed
you took away all my pain
I love every second we have shared
the things that attract me to you, you cant find elsewhere
im so happy i have you
the way i feel, you have no clue

No matter where you go
I'll love you
you should always know
I'll love you
no matter what you say
I'll love you
more and more each day
I'll love you

what you want I'll make yours
you mean the world to me and more
you make my life so bright
everything with you, seems so right
I can't imagine how much you love me
the way I love you i wish you could see

Forever, Always
I'll Love you
no matter what comes our way
I'll love you
when i say this, its so true
I'll love you
always know i cherish you
I'll love you

I will forever love you

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