Jesus, the world is falling to pieces
Will you come back and be our hero and release us?
And if so, will you get your own show?
And we?¦? ??l be saved and well behaved
And you?¦? ??l be famous
CHORUS: Here?¦? ?? to the future that was
Everything you thought it?¦? ?? be but
Was it anything you thought of?
Here?¦? ?? to the future that was

Thomas, a new century is upon us
You were enlightened but you weren?¦? ?° very honest
I know it was a long time ago
And things change and people change
And both have changed us


Samuel, your son is quite a handful
His grades are bad he can?¦? ?° do math
and he tends to ramble
Our tests show that he?¦? ?? a bit slow
If he receives the help he needs
He?¦? ??l ride the same bus


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