Cross the line and erase any doubt
You walk the carpet until you wear it out
Listening to songs tearing at your heart
With every box you pack you feel like you could start
Crying at the feet of an angel that offers no mercy
Standing like a statue through the ages
and you?¦? ?®e on your knees
CHORUS: Sometimes you feel lucky
Sometimes you feel lucky
Sometimes you feel lucky
You still believe

Looking in the mirror and staring past yourself
Everyone is helpful but no one?¦? ?? any help
And just like a ghost that floats above the floors
You glide down the hallway through the automatic doors
And these streets pretend to be an old friend
familier and knowing
But you have nothing else in common
save for where you?¦? ?®e going


Say goodbye to the last guest leaving
and room seems empty
Sometimes you just want to scream
til you break down gently
And now it?¦? ?? years from then so little?¦? ?? ever said
To remind us of the age, to bring back the dead
But memory is a funny thing what it chooses to forget
The evidence of lives we?¦? ??e lived and ones we haven?¦? ?° yet


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