Godis that excitingman! nobodynobody everanybody ever thought it would be that good! I didn’t. nobody else did. nobody ever thought it would be I mean that goodthat wasthat was more
Than any other good. manif you can saywell it’s gonna be as good as this concertbut it’s better than any fuckin’ ever concertman. [yeahlondon] was the bestnobody’s ever fucking got u

No one’s ever got up and danced and dug it. no one’s ever done anything there and they did itman! they fuckin’ got up and groovedand then they listened. that was dynamite. you know you could
When they’re really being selfish and they just wanna dancebut they workedmanand when I’d do a soft song everybody’d shut up! that’s too muchman. that’s really too fuckin’ much.

They expect you to work hard.

Godgod! god! God I was so happy! whew-ew!! think I’ll call my motherman. d’you knowmomI got ’em all off their ass! hey what’s thatman ?

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