S-sitting down by my window
Ohlooking at the rain.
S-sitting down by my window now now
All around I felt it
All I could see was the rain.
Something grabbed a hold of mehoney
Felt to me honey likelorda ball and chain.
Yeah! hey! you know what I mean
But it’s way too heavy for you
You can’t hold it tomorrow.

Saywhoawhoahoneyit can’t be
Just because I got to want your love
Please please please pleasewhoa pleaseplease.
Whoahoney it can’t be
Just because I got to need you daddy.
Please don’t you let me downnopleaselord!
Here you gone todaybut I wanted to love you
I wanted to hold youyeahtill the day I die
Till the daytill the day
Yeah! hey! hey! all right!

Saywhoawhoahoney this can’t be
Not anything I ever wanted from you daddy
Tell me nownownownowohtell me nowyeah.
I saywhoawhoahoney this can’t be
Nonononononono ... yeah yeahhey!
And I want someone that could tell metell me why
Just because I got to want your love
Honeyjust because I got to needneedneed your love
I said I don’t understandhoneybut I wanna chance to try
Trytrytrytry try try try
Honey when everybody in the world wants the same damn thing
When everybody in the world will need the same lonely thing
When I wanna work for your lovedaddy.
When I wanna try for your lovedaddy.

I don’t understand how come you’re goneman. I don’t understand why half the world is still cryingmanwhen the other half of the world is still crying toomanI can’t get it together. i
If you got a cat for one dayman ¡º I meanif yousaysayif you want a cat for 365 daysright ¡º you ain’t got him for 365 daysyou got him for one dayman. well I tell you that one da
Nbetter be your lifeman. becauseyou knowyou can sayoh manyou can cry about the other 364manbut you’re gonna lose that one daymanand that’s all you’ve got. you gotta call that
man. that’s what it isman. if you got it today you don’t want it tomorrowman’cause you don’t need it’cause as a matter of factas we discovered in the traintomorrow never happensm
T’s all the same fucking dayman.

So you gottawhen you wanna hold a sigh
You gotta hold him like it’s the last minute in your lifebaby.
You gotta holdwhoawhoahold him
’cause someday some weight’s gonna come on your shouldersbabe
It’s gonna feel too heavyit’s gonna weigh on you
It’s gonna feel just like a ballballballoh daddy
And a chain.

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