Push you around cause you're not the same
and kick in when you glorify,
Shout it loud when they force you to swallow,
You question their authority,
So hollow rahter die than follow,
express your individuality.,

You're out of your head,
sweating you won't bend.
Out of control they say,
Sonic youth at extreme high volume,
Now will you ever grow up?
I've found my sense of direction,
Hope this answers all your fuckin'...


Today I'm stronger than I was yesterday,
and confident enough too.
Tomorrow I'll be even stronger cause I'll be
who I want to!

Now I won't except your control on my life,
(it's first your individuality)
Don't sudge my plans, cause time's on my side,
(it's first your individuality)

You're always bragging that this is your game
and you're setting out the rules.
A job well done,
Now there's no one to blame but your sorry ass self!

[Chorus 2x]

Now I won't except your control on my life,
Don't want it,
I don't want it,
I don't want it!

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