Love, my love
I regret the day you went away
I was too young to understand my love
But now I realise my mistakes

Where, where are you now?
Now that I'm ready to
Ready to love you the way you loved me then
Where are you now?
Do you still think of me?
Or does your heart belong to someone else's

Love, Oh my love
Wonder sometimes were you just a dream
I sit in the dark
Wondering if our paths
Will ever cross again
Oh lord I need to know
I sit and wonder

Repeat Chorus

If I close my eyes
And make a wish
When they open will you be right here with me

Repeat Chorus

Could it be that two people were meant to be
In my dreams that's what I feel
Or could it be that I'll never see you again
My love that was so true
Still I sit here waiting all alone
By the phone for you
Now I understand (now I understand)
When You said I love you
I sit and wonder
Repeat Chorus til fade

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