Strange when i think about it
Well, that i should write of birds
And flying things
I always tried to avoid it
Reminds me of dumb girls and bad poetry
Well --- i'm not perfect...

I don't know why it moves me
Maybe i'm going to die soon
A secret known only to
Know only to not even me

I want to live forever
I fear maybe you don't
I fear that i will lose you
Leave me here to carry on alone

That's why i'm not that surprised
That one has broken away
Has lifted from the silent earth
And carried me away

Hope you have your camera....

A crystalline set of dominoes
Except not really crystalline
And sort of dominoe-like
But not really

Life is a tall white building
Lifting from the silent earth
It's carrying a message
Carrying it away

I am only...
I am only...

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