Jane Says with Solo (Acoustic Version from Unplugged)
Main riff played throughout song:
Guitar 1:
G 320033
A 002220
Guitar one can also add the folling pick-off at the end of the riff
to spice it up a bit:
E --3-3---0-0----------------|
B --2-2---0-0----------------|
G --0-0---2-2--2p0-----------|
D --0-0---2-2------2p0-------|
A --3-3---2-2----------0-----|
G --3-3---0-0----------------|
Guitar 2 also plays the same riff over guitar 1 throughout song until
solo, but the G and A chords are played as barred chords and with a
slight twist:
G G A A ? ? ? ?
E --3-3---5-5--7-5--5-5----------------|
B --3-3---5-5--5-5--7-5----------------|
G --4-4---6-6--6-6--6-6----------------|
D --5-5---7-7--5-5--5-5----------------|
A --5-5---7-7--7-7--7-7----------------|
E --3-3---5-5--5-5--5-5----------------|
? and ? above are just modified A chords. They are played by moving
your pinkey from the 3rd string (D) to the top E and B strings
(notice bottom E A D G strings don't change.) It may look complicated
but is very easy once you see what the hell I'm talking about.
When I strum the chords played by guitar 2, I strum normally
(from low E to high E) for the first fourchords.
For second set of 4 chords, you kind of strum back and forth,
alternating from high E to low E, and visa versa. Just jack around
with the srum pattern till it sounds cool.
Chorus (Repeat phrase below)
G G?
E --3--3--|
B --3--2--|
G --0--0--|
D --0--0--|
A --2--2--|
E --3--3--|
(Guitar 2 Solos while Guitar 1 contines main riff.)
-------------------9~---6/75~-/12~-- 129~---------------------|
This song has to be the all time best 2-chord jam in history. It
totally rocks and anybody can play it cause it's just G and A.
You just gotta find a weird dude to be able to sing it right.

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