That's the way love goes
Will it change you inside out
And then it flows
To the places unfamiliar yeah

Let me tell, I'm not for you
You're so hot for me
So get on girl
Come on (x4)
I'm hot for you
So get on
I want to get it on with you
I'm sending
I hope you got the sense to read between the
You know that in the book it says that
For me you never seem to find the time
Come on I've waited for your phonecalls
But you must be uptown having fun
When you do that thing you do
I get so exited too
But you never think to ask me if I want to
Come with you
So honey where do we go from here
You know baby
I've been trying to find out but I'm still
Some way from knowing
Come on, you know I am
It's not exactly clear, no no
The love you should be giving me
Is the love you're rarely showing

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