Gee it's great after staying out late
Walking my baby back home
Arm in arm, over meadow and farm
Walking my baby back home

We go on harmonizing a song
Or she's reciting a poem
Owls fly by and they give me the eye
Walking my baby back home

We stop for awhile
She gives me a smile
And cuddles her cheek to my chest
We start to pet and that's when I get
Her powder all over my vest

After I kind of straighten my tie
She has to borrow my comb
It's one kiss then we continue again
Walking my baby back home

verse 3
She's 'fraid of the dark so I have to park
outside her door til it's light.
She says if I try to kiss her she'll cry
I dry her tears all thu the

verse 4

Hand-in-hand to a bar-b-que stand
right from her doorway we ran.
Eats and then it's a pleasure again,
walking my baby

6 -6 6 -5 5 -5 6 -5 5 -4
Talking my baby; loving my baby;

-6 -6 -5 5 -4
I don't mean maybe;

7 -6 -5 5 6 -6 7
Walking my baby back home.
Nat Cole's version of this is the classic,
but most male pop singers have a
version of it, released in 1952.

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