Took my baby to the hop last night
What to my surprise
When we got there she hit me with the news
Right between the eyes
She said she couldn’t do the chachacha...

I told her not to worry now
They’d play some other dance
But we sat there for an hour and a half
And we never got a chance
’cause every song they played was the chachacha...

I told her not to worry
There’s still one thing we can do
Let me take you by your hand tonight
I want to teach this dance to you
I taught my baby how to chachacha...

We kept on dancing for an hour or two
What do you think I’d see
We hadn’t practiced for a time or two around
She was doing it better than me
You know my baby loves to chachacha...

Everybody loves to chachacha...
Little children love to chachacha
Everybody loves to chachacha...
Sam cooke himself in the midnight hour
Everybody loves to chachacha

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