Carolina in my mind
Written & Performed by James Taylor
Transcribed by Paul ([email protected])
D G G/F Em7 G/A
D G G/F# A
In my mind I've gone to Carolina
G A Em7 A
Can't you see the sunshine cant you just feel the moon shining?
D A/C# Bm A G D/F# E7
Ain't it just like a friend of mine to hit me from behind
G/A D Bm7 Em7 G/A D
Yes I'm going to Carol ina in my mind
Verse 1
Karen, she's a silver sun, you'd best walk away and watch it shining
Bm G A
Watch her watch the morning come
G D/F# Bm7 Em7 Asus4 A7
A silver tear appearing now I'm cry ing ain't I?
D Bm7 Em7 G/A D
I've gone to Carol ina in my mind
Verse 2
There ain't no doubt in no-ones mind that loves the finest thing around
Whisper something soft and kind
And hey baby, the sky's on fire, I'm dying, ain't I
I've gone to Carolina in my mind

Verse 3
Dark and silent late last night I think I might have heard the highway calling
Geese in flight and dogs that bite
The signs that it might be omens say I'm going, going
I've gone to Carolina in my mind
D G A Bm
With a holy host of others standing around me
F#m7 Em7 G
Still I'm on the dark side of the moon
A C G D C G/B Em7
And it seems like this goes on like this forever you must forgive me
G/A D Bm7 Em7 G/A D
If I'm up and gone to Carol ina in my mind
D G G/F Em7 G/A D(Repeat sequence to fade)
I'm gone say nice things about me cause I'm gone
Repeat and fade
I've tried my best to get this as close to the recording as I can but some of the chord rundowns are a little difficult to make out. I f you have any suggestions on how it can be improved please drop me a line at [email protected]
Hope you enjoy it

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