Listen to me
Do you know how much you want it?
You're trying to be cool about it
You're trying to big about it
You're constantly just denying
You're like a moth to a flame
You hardly wane
But listen 'cos I know what I'm saying
He's trying to catch you in it
And then he'll back you in it
Cos he's just another girl addict
And if you give it away
You've gotta be crazy
You better shake him off
Before he gets ya
(He's coming to getcha, he's coming to getcha)
He'll only build you up
And then he'll getcha
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He's dirty to the bone - beware of the dog!
I was damn near addicted
I got into trouble with him, I got in the bubble with him
Everything was just how he wanted
Oh but then I got wise
I got out of sight
So take me advise
Chorus x 2
I know you hear me
I know you hear me - I KNOW YOU HEAR ME!
Arr! Arr!
You better reach out and touch me!
(Reach out and touch me)
Chorus x 4
Beware of the dog...
Beware of the dog...
Beware of the dog...

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