1. You've changed
I liked the way
You used to do things
The way I like it
It's a damn shame
You was on your
Way to the house
Money, keys to the range (repeat chorus)

2. Say what the deal-i-o
Say why don't you tell
Something i didn't know
Do you got plans to be with me
So why you flip the script on me
I need to know if you're the one
I can take around the world
So tell me, tell me, tell me baby

Repeat 1

3. I know you feeling low
Cause you was thinking
Bout the things that you let go
I know you mad but
I'm kind of glad cause
Look what you had
And you still let it go to waste
Baby then i should be happy
I'm all for the cause
You was close to me
I should have known
That you're not right for me

Repeat 1

4. I can't believe
Just when I thought you had me
Then you turned around and changed on me
I've made it seem
That you've got to put more work
In, more work in

J.D's rap: I remember when
The relationship was hot and strong
Please I need you to tell
Me where it all went wrong
Now was it my friends or
Your friends or was it
The fact that you recieved
The Jag when you wanted the Benz
Now I'm crazy but I've seen
Hang ups like that
I mean a ***** can
Change up like that
I used to bang out you
Back so ain't no way in hell
And I kept you in the stacks
So I know you living well
You never missed a meal
And got everything you dreamed
White ten karats and
Nothing but bling bling
And the right to tell
Not the gift to sing
You want to give that up
What is it that I work too much
Did the player just lose the touch
I mean it can't be that
I'm just throwing out things
I thought you were the one

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