From: [email protected]
Subject: Tab:Jackson Browne-"Jamaica Say You Will"
Date: 12 Nov 1996 05:03:01 GMT
Jamaica Say You Will
By Jackson Browne
Standard Tuning
Chords Used:
E 022100 E7 022130
A x02220 G#m/D# x66444
E/G# 4x240x C#m x46654
F#m 244222 C#m/B 7x6654
F#m/B x22222 B7 x21202
A/B x2x220
-0---------------2------------ The opening is
-1---------------2------------ finger picked.
-2---------------2----------2- After you get
-2-----0--2-----0---2--4---- comfortable
-0---4------------------------ with the bass
Runs, you can
Play it more
-------------------2---- freely.
-2----0--2----- 2----
First Verse
Jamaica was the lovely one, I played her well
E/G# F#m F#m/B E A/B
As we lay in the tall grass, where the shadows fell
Hiding from the children so that they would not tell
E/G# F#m F#m7
We would stay there till her sister rang the evening bell
E E7 A
Jamaica say you will, help me find
E E7 A
A way to fill, these empty hours
E G#m/D# C#m C#m/B A E/G# B7
Say you will, come again tomorrow
2nd Verse
The daughter of a captain on the rolling sea
She would stare across the water from the tree
Last time he was home he held her on his knee
Said the next time they would sail away
Just where they pleased
Jamaica say you will, help me find
A way to fill, these lifeless sails
And stay until my ships cab find the sea
-0----------------0------------ 0---------2-
Then repeat intro
3rd Verse
Jamaica was a sweet young one, and I loved her true
She was a comfort and a mercy through and through
Hiding from this world togethor, next thing I knew
She had brought her things, down to the bay
What could I do
Jamaica say you will, help me find
A way to fill, these sails
And then we'll sail until our waters have run dry
Repeat Intro to end.
Because this song was written on the piano, it doesn't
Translate easily. I have also played it with a capo on the
Third fret (E chord gets fingered as a C etc.), but I like the
Depth of the bass runs better in the first position.

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