It’s been raining here in long beach
The dampness in the air
Tends to straighten out my hair
Against my wishes
But the traces of a song reach
My tattered ear once more
Lend me courage to ignore
The smell of fishes

I was a drunken loutI ran about
With ladies that I knew
I did ’em wrong all night long
Singing 23 skidoo

Once upon a time I was a kid
Well I don’t know what happened then
But I’m warning all you younger men
On your way to long beach think again
You can’t afford to settle down in long beach

I had a rack and coata paddle boat
I played the ukelele
Beneath the moon in june I’d croon
Won’t you come on home little baby

Once upon a time I was a kid
But now my hair is turning gray
I’m getting fatter every day
If you got any sense you’ll stay away
And never give another thought to long beach
And never give a moment’s thought to long beach

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