Well, lookabell,lookabell,lookabell,lookabell Oooooh Weeeeee
Lookabell,lookabell,lookabell OoooooWeeee
Oh, Ah,Oh,Ah, Oh wee
Well, she's so fine,fine,fine,She's so fine fa fine
She's so fi iii ine,She's so fine,fine,fine
She's really sweet the finest girl you ever wanna meet
Oh,oh,oh,oh Oh,oh,oh,oh,oh
Rrrrrrrr Reet Petite, the finest girl you ever wanna meet
Well, have you ever seen a girl for whom your soul you'd give
For whom you'd fight for, die for, pray to God you'd lie for
She's so fine, she's so fine, she's really sweet the finest girl
You ever wanna meet
Well, she really thrills me so
From her head to toe,I want the world to know,I love her,love her so
She's alright,she's alright,She's alrighty.
You know to me it has to be at night

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