No Pity (In The Naked City)
(J. Wilson - A. Tucker - J. Roberts)
Mmm-hmm, there's no pity
In the naked city, yeah.
When you're all alone
And all your hard-earned money's gone.
There just ain't no pity (there is no pity),
No, no, no, in the naked city, yeah, yeah, yeah (New York City).
Uh, help me now, mmm-hmm.
You go down Broadway
Watchin' people catch the subway.
Take it from me, don't ask for a helpin' hand,
Mmm, 'cause no one will understand.
Aaahhh, there's no pity, yeah (there is no pity),
No, no, no, in the naked city, yeah, yeah (New York City).
Oh, help me now, mmm-hmm.
(There's no pity)
Folks that don't know think it's very nice,
(New York City)
It's the only place I know where hearts turn to ice.
(There's no pity)
You can have a room and your neighbor next door
Will swear to someone like the iceman you don't live there no more.
(New York City)
Mmmm, bright lights will find you
And they will mess you around.
Let me tell ya: millions will watch you - have mercy now -
As you sink right down to the ground.
And there's no pity, yeah (there's no pity)
No, no, no, in the naked city, yeah , yeah, yeah (New York City)
Come on, help me now (there is no pity).
There's no pity (New York City),
No, no, no, in the naked city.

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