I been thinkin’ ‘bout velocity
How the planet spins so fast
That my thoughts all get ahead of me
While my dreams drag in the past
Can’t imagine what the loss would be
If it all should end today
It’s the information century
And there’s nothing left to say

Please help me, Einstein
I’m stuck on a time line
My space is caving in
The speed of darkness
Has outrun my carcass again

Well, I usedta love the library
Better than our happy home
It’s the one place you can go for free
And be totally alone
Cute librarian that you could watch
From the metaphysics aisle
And between her knees and Socrates
I was one sick juvenile

Repeat Chorus

History runs in circles
Religion runs on pain
And any little jerk’ll tell you
Darkness runs in my veins

Now it’s midnight at the depot
Of the last stop in our tale
Hear the final warning whistle blow
See the shiver down the rails
There’s a bright-eyed kid beside me
Just a-tuggin’ at my sleeve
Askin’: “Mister, why you cryin’?
Ain’t you still got time to leave?”

Repeat Chorus

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