If I stood outside your window
In the middle of the night
Would you banish me?
I have seen the way you look at me
A mix of appetite
And curiosity
I have longed to feel your skin
Though I know the odds are thin
On the one side of the tracks
You’ve never been
I stand and gauge the distance

All your peacock-feathered friends
Will tell you: No one who pretends
To high society
Would be caught with me
And my scalawags in rags
Are just as skilled at hangin’ tags
They’ll be callin’ me
Little Lord Wannabe
And it’s three times now
Your neighbor’s poked her face
Out between her curtain lace
Soon the cops may come
And put me in my place
But I have no more resistance

I’ve debated dusk to dawn
If you meant to lead me on
Some cheap and childish joke
If that’s what you had in mind
Your heart has left your mind behind
‘Cause you couldn’t cloak
What your eyes have spoken
Please don’t tarry in your tower
And deny the sparks that shower
When we’re near.
I’ve come through fear
This is the hour
To heed the sweet insistence

If I stood outside your window
In the moon’s bewitching light
Would you usher me inside?
Can’t you just about imagine
All the pettiness our passion
Would blow open wide
Like a rushing tide?
You must choose, on your own,
Between me and your throne
Like I’ve chosen to leave
All I’ve ever known
To gamble my existence.

It’s a long walk back to Loserville
It’s so far away from gladness
It’s forever to be wonderin’
Was it destiny or madness?

Here I stand
Look out your window
Here I stand
Look out your window
Here I stand
It’s now or never
Here I stand.

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