From [email protected] Fri Apr 18 10:38:02 1997
Date: Fri, 04 Apr 1997 19:59:53 -0600
From: Chris Rickman
To: [email protected]
Subject: Jaci Velasquez, "Un Lugar Celestial"
By: Jaci Velasquez
Album: "Heavenly Place"
Written by: Mark Heimermann, Regie Hamm, Bob Farrell, David Velasquez
Tab: Chris Rickman ([email protected])
(C)1996 Longitude Music Co. on behalf of Windswept Pacific Ltd./BMI
Emin Amin7 Dsus
q q q e e e e e q e e e q q Q Q q e e e Q q q e
D Dadd9 Bsus B7 Bmin7 D/E
+e q q q e +e q q e e e e e e q q e q s E q s s Q q Q
Emin D/E Emin
Q q Q e e e q Q w
Emin Emin/maj7 G/E A9
q e q q e +q e q q e +q e q q e +q e q q e
Sometimes I realize when I gaze in the skies
Amin7 B7 Emin B7
e e e q q e e Q e Q e e e q q e Q e q q
This spinning world is not my home
Emin Emin/maj7 G/E A9
e e e q q e +q e q q e e e e q q e e e e q q e
A place of mystery, a land of destiny
Amin7 B7 Em-sus4
e e e q q e e Q e Q e e e q q e +e q e q q
Is where I know one day I'll go
C D Esus E
I dream of beauty I have never seen
C D Amin7/9
I know the arms of heaven wait for me
C D Esus E
And yet I feel its sweetness here and now
Cmin-b7 B7
In this life on earth -- I have found
Emin Amin7
Un lugar celestial
D B7
Just a little bit of heaven sent from up above
Emin Amin7
Un lugar celestial
D B7
Where the presence of my father Holds me in His love
B7/E Emin D/E Emin
Un lugar celestial
When all my skies are gray
I simply steal away
Into my secret hiding place
When hearts are cold as ice
The breath of paradise
Blows warm and gentle on my face
I know I need my time alone with Him
His healing waters flowing deep within
Don't have to wish upon a distant star
'Cause the light of love fills my Heart
El cielo me llama (Heaven is calling me)
Caminando en las Nubes (Walking on the clouds)

Chord voicings for bridge
C D (Dsus4/9) Esus E Amin7/9 Cmin-b7 B7
(Try substituting Dsus4/9 for D)
Chord voicings for chorus
Emin Amin7 D B7 B7/E Emin D/E Emin
Assorted chorus fills
Emin Amin7
q e q q e +q q q q q e q q e +q q q q
h e e e e +e e q q q
w,h,q,e,s = whole,half,quarter,eighth,sixteenth
H,Q,E = dotted half, quarter, eighth
+ = tie
/ = slide up
\ = slide down
r = rest
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certainly need to embellish the above. Try the following for tips:

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