When I’m a sparrow in winteryou are a seed I find
When I’m a heart with a splinteryour blood keeps me alive
If I could call you a coloryou’d be the deepest of blues
If I had my pleasure of anythingyou’d be the one that I’d choose

Now it’s crystal clear I’m falling for you
Now that I can see the mystery’s revealed
Now I’m coming clean
I can feel my fears released
Now it’s crystal clear I’m falling for you

I’m soft like clay
Your hands they mold
For youI would run away
Just to hear you calling out my name

Repeat chorus

I’m broken and empty
Without youI’m blinded
I need you
I need you near meI need you near me

Repeat chorus

Please catch meI’m falling for you...

Words and music by matt stanfield and tiffany arbuckle

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