Chris Eaton/David VelГѓВЎsquez
Al mundo Dios amГѓВі, que a su Hijo Él nos diГѓВі
Y todo aquel que creyera en Él
No perezca mГѓВЎs tenga vida eternal
He tratado de hallar palabras que decir
Y hacerte conocer a un Dios de gran poder
Nada puede en este mundo comparar
Con la paz que siente tu alma cuando Él en ti estГѓВЎ
Si yo sГѓВ© que difГѓВ­cil es de contemplar dejarlo todo
Y confiar solo en Él
Si yo sГѓВ© que es la verdad
Que su amor es para ti
Toma su Palabra y ves lo que Él harГѓВЎ
Él es fiel con sus promesas, tomando su mano
Seguro estarГѓВЎs
Hay que dar ese paso de fe
Él te ve, te ayudarГѓВЎ y paz Él te darГѓВЎ
Vida eternal, vida eternal, al mundo Dios amГѓВі
Que crea en Él, que crea en Él
Él te ama mucho
Él te quiere
Literal English Translation of Al Mundo Dios AmГѓВі
(The World God Loved)
Translated by computer and edited by Adam Agonis
The world God loved
That He gave us His Son
That everyone who believed in Him
Will not perish but has eternal life
I have tried to find words to say
To make you know a God of great power
Nothing can in this world compare
With the peace that you feel inside when He is in you
Yes, I know that it is difficult to consider leaving everything
And to trust only Him
Yes, I know that it is the truth
That His love is for you
Take His Word and you see what He will do
He is faithful with his promises, taking his hand
You will be safe

It is necessary to take that step of faith
He sees you, he will help you and He will give you peace
Eternal life, eternal life, for God sp loved the world
To believe in Him, to believe in Him
He loves you so much
He wants you
Lyrics ©1997 SGO Music Pub. Ltd. (adm. by Bug Music Inc.)/BMI/Brante Music/ASCAP

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