If it wasn't for the money, cars and movies stars and jewels

And all these things I got

I wonder, hey

Would you still want me (Want you)

Would you still be calling me (Still calling you)

You be loving me? (I'll be loving you)

Wanna keep you flawed with no dough

Pimpin ain't easy

Trust me I know

When gangstas and hos

Go go go go go go together

Lke chinchilla and bad weather

I'm good but been better

All my bros, chedda and glamorous things

Copped a few cars

A crib with a east and west wing

Cuz this is how i'm livin and yall women know the secrets

Of how to get it and keep it

How to prey on my weakness

Cuz I want the p-u-s-s-y

Got a lotta niggaz wonderin it ain't just i

Gotta keep ya cash comin and that's on my life

If it wasn't for the money and the things I got

Shit, she probably wouldn't like me

But I keep her and irv and jeffrey quite icy

Sip seraphin

Who doesn't like me

And the murderous I-n-c

How many girls does it take to get to

Mack status

Player status

Pimps that get

Ya boy half rich fore we hit show biz

But show biz brought next level chicks

Pull them in them hot cars go and buy the whole bar nigga

I came from the dirt what you want me to say

Im at the top of the world and lifes a pussy buffet

And that's why I get m-i-a

Shut the game down so the bustas cant play

Hell yeah I splurge money

Hell yeah I act funny

Look at you like fuck you

All the shit I been thru

It's a wonder why im still here

Said I was gone but im still here

And all you bitches that left me here

Its mighty strange how you right back here

I wonder why love is about money

And why wou wanna take it all from me


My life is dark but its lovely

Crimes cars cribs aint that right kelly?

(Oh oh oh oh oh oh)

Yall bitches don't know

Money aint a thang

Mami need a lil change

Girl im pitchin quarters

Closest to the arches but live in a fortress

New benzes new porsches

New cases new lawyers

im becoming the infamous notorious rule

Niggaz couldn't walk a mile in my shoes

Niggaz don't possess the heart that I do

And it's a wonder that im still here

Thought I was gone but im still here

And all you bitches that left me here

Its kinda funny how you right back there

Oh oh oh oh ohhhhh

Oh oh oh oh

[repeat till fade]

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