[J-Kwon talking]
Ay yo Track Boys
This possibly be the biggest remix ever
Lets go!
A here comes the B to the C to the D
No cat out the Lou gangsta as me
Ya'll hit two, I'm jus goin' for three
Bottle full of Cris, but I still rock a T
And ya'll got a little fat run up from da streets
Drink so much that it fucked up my teeth
People wern't drunk, so why they wanna be
Cuz you get eleven thousand spins in a week
Here comes the C to the B to the A
Never fall off like B2K
Wanna get tipsy, you one drink away
Why would I buy when it's better when you pay
Track Boys from the Lou, Jermaine from the A
But they got the boy gettin Tipsy with Sway
Then she said she had somethin to say "One hit wonder"
please dont leave stay
[Chorus repeat 2X]
Now errbody errbody errbody errbody
errbody in the club gettin tipsy
Now errbody errbody errbody errbody
errbody in the club gettin tipsy
I pulled up to the club already filthy
She say she don't get fucked
She innocent til proven guilty
Walkin VIP, cats screamin GIB
Skull cap with a bib on the back DTP
This girl staring so I put a spell on her like a gypsy
We bought up the bar with hundreds
Some drunk not tipsy
Don't trip cuz the whole St. Louis is riding with me
Cats start hating, tell them people come get me
Here comes the king of the Midwest
C H to the I to the N to the G Y
My homies in the back puffin on some ooo wee
I know the owner so I snuck in the ooo zee
Plus if I blow somebody they gon' try to sue me
If rappin was a film I'm starrin in this movie
The Git It Boys hurr, they gon get some boozee?
Lets take it from the club to the ja-cuzzi
[Chorus 2x]
[Murphy Lee]
(Ay yo) 1 I am the dude that the people call Murph
Check my resume you can see I put in work
2 (two) women that I add to my phone
3 roll trees smoke one when I get home
4 real dirty you and I vercell
Those the people I thank, for my damn record sales
5 new prom man and one ain't broke
White boys truck wood grain like coke
Now errbody in the club lookin spiffy
Mama got on a dress, boots from the 60's
Oh girl, Shantay tipsy
Kim, Keisha, and Pam all leavin with me
Jackers wanna get me, its not that simply
17 fillin up, but you can make it empty
Now which one of ya'll niggas wanna tempt me (now which one of ya'll niggas wanna tempt me)
[Chorus 2X]
Everybody in the club gettin tipsy

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