Why are you staring at my man
Don't you know he belongs to me girlfriend, tell me why
You try to take what's mine, I'm not gonna let that slide
Girl I don't like your type don't make me act unladylike

Verse 1
Thinking bout speakin' go on step up
And let him tell you that you're fresh out of luck
Disrespecting and s*** but it's cool
Baby girl don't be a fool

See me and you were like day and night
But yeah you think he just might give you a chance
Baby girl try and see at a glance he can tell you ain't icey


Verse 2
Sneaky eyes don't fool me, you wink at him
Like you don't see me
Are you that bold to disrespect me
In front of my man, girl are you crazy (you crazy)

It's cool because my s*** is tight
The n**** comes home to me every night
Don't want to be unladylike but I'll pin up my hair
Forget about what I wear to check your a** tonight

Chorus (3x)


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