Verse 1
Midnight Friday night feelin' right
It's about that time
Call my girls see what's up
Tell my dogs meet us at the club
We don't wait we walk right in
See my dogs, fun begins
Goin' straight to the V.I.P.
Ain't no stoppin' this party

My crew yo crew what they wanna do
So many n***** that I'm gone choose
Always in the V.I.P first class
Hear my song bumpin' gotta shake my
What's up, drinks on you
Remy on the rocks if they ain't got Blue
I know my dogs got me so you know they got you
'Cause that's the way we do

Verse 2
Everything's alright, it's all love
Kinda hope these thugs don't mess it up
Got my Blue and it ain't my last
Gonna shake it up, gonna flirt like mad
Blaze one from the private stash, it's on me (puff, puff, pass)
Gettin' right (with) my girls and my guys
Set this party off tonight


Let's get this party started right
My girls & my guys
Let's get it crunk tonight

repeat break


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